Vibrator Strong: Vibration App


Just a good vibrator app massager with customizable strong vibration.

If you want to feel relaxation try contrasting vibration patterns. App will deliver strongest vibrations your gadget provides with various vibrating app melodies. Handy massager with many different vibrations pattern includes relaxing sounds.

You may use Vibrator to:
- reduce anxiety & stress
- relax muscles
- meditate
- calm cat
- as a lullaby for baby
- get yourself asleep with vibration app.
- sleep app with relaxing sounds
and for many other cases.

The most popular vibrate patterns are completely free. So you could run constant vibe to understand max power from your phone. It should be used as vibration app to relief back/neck pain or other.

Some of the great features:
- Vibrating with 10 modes: normal, random, weak to strong...
- Relaxing sound player with timer can work as sleep helper app
- High quality soothing sounds
- Simple, easy and beautiful design
- Timer Off
- Works offline (No internet connection needed)

- Vibrator will not work on some devices without vibration support.
- The strength of the vibrator depends on your phone hardware